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Neuro Developmental Delay

The INPP Method

The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) was established in 1975 by psychologist Peter Blythe Ph. D. Initially, it was set up as a private research organization investigating immaturity of the central nervous system in children, and issues like agoraphobia and panic disorder in adults.

Since then, the INPP has helped thousands of people worldwide overcome the central nervous system disorders.

The INPP method, which has been developed over the past 45 years, is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy which addresses the continued presence of a cluster of primitive and postural reflexes in children.
Research indicates that there is a positive correlation between retained reflexes and problems with automatic balance, coordination, oculo motor functioning and visual perception difficulties. These are all fundamental for learning.

At Nenagh Neurofuse we aim to address the retention of reflexes by recreating movements which establish neural connection and reset the neural clock.

The early identification of Neuro Developmental Delay followed by appropriate remediation greatly increases self-esteem, improves motor and academic skills, thus enabling the child to develop into a mature happy and confident adult.

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