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What does NDD look like?

Neuro Developmental Delay

What Does Neuro Developmental Delay Look Like?

Neuro Developmental Delay can present itself in numerous ways, but some of the common forms of NDD are:

Behavioural Problems

  • Excessive Anxiety.

  • Hyperactivity.

  • Poor Coping Skills/Lacks Emotional Regulation.

  • Immature Behaviour.

  • Bedwetting.

  • Dislikes Change.


Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Poor Concentration/ Easily Distracted.

  • Slow learning to read, often loses their place when reading.

  • Slow learning to write, has difficulty copying tasks.

  • Mishears words.

  • Struggles with verbal instructions.


Coordination Difficulties

  • Poor Balance e.g. difficulty riding a bike or learning to swim.

  • Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)

  • General Clumsiness.

  • Poor Hand-Eye Coordination.

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